City Fresh would like to create a new channel for selling imported fruit directly from the importer to the end consumer. The transition from a physical store and wholesaler to an online shop for selling fresh fruit directly from an importer to customers comes with some significant challenges. One of the most important aspects is building and maintaining the trust of online shoppers. This involves creating a user-friendly website, ensuring the security of online transactions, and addressing data security concerns.
To expand their capabilities in selling imported fruit, City Fresh has launched an eCommerce website that allows customers to explore a wide variety of fruits, offering great deals and special offers tailored to specific occasions. The eCommerce platform was meticulously designed with a focus on user-friendliness and security, ensuring a safe and convenient payment process for customers. To further enhance security, a secure payment gateway has been integrated into the website to facilitate and guarantee the safety of every transaction. Additionally, we have developed a robust back-office system, empowering administrative users to manage and track orders efficiently, oversee stock management, and implement SEO strategies to improve the website's visibility and attract new customers.
Requirement Gathering
We have been collecting all the requirements and expectations from the City Fresh team to ensure that the result will satisfy everyone.
User-Centric Design Excellence
After gathering the requirement, the UX/UI designer start designing the website, including back-office for admin. The design will be concerned with the user-friendly design and the best experience for the user to use the system.
Training and Deployment
After the system has been developed and thoroughly tested, a training session will be conducted for the administrators to ensure their effective use of the system.
The launch of the City Fresh eCommerce website, coupled with the implementation of effective SEO strategies, has opened a new channel for product distribution, resulting in the acquisition of new customers and increased recognition. This strategic combination has not only expanded our market reach but has also enhanced our visibility, reputation, and boosted brand awareness.
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